Money Mark

Isolation Jams #73 (Edition of 100)

"Radiate Nothing (bass)"
Instruments: Schecter P-Bass guitar
Date recorded: May 26, 2020
Edition of 100
"Isolation Jams number 73....I play electric bass on all of my records. When I haven’t I called on Carol Kaye, Al McKibbon, Hutch Hutchinson, Sean Ono Lennon—-all have amazing bass tones and techniques on the instrument and music in general. Otherwise in the studio I’m playing this Schecter mod P-Bass or my red Goya flat wound Beatle bass (or my Rhodes Piano bass). This little bassline is super fun to play and came from a song on my 2007 ‘Brand New By Tomorrow’. I turn down solo appearances bc the basslines are essential counterpoint to the melodies and I can’t live w/o both going together. In fact I wrote so many songs starting w the bass. I can sit w an electric bass or grand piano all day long. #isolationjams #paperdollsforpeace #almckibbon #carolkaye #hutchhitchinson @sean_ono_lennon"

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