"Isolation jams number 14...woke up and saw @gretathunberg on the cover of Rolling Stone. 🌎🌍🌏 This post is inspired by the great women and femme energy of our time. The famous and the unsung. I believe this paradigm shift is the right way to go. Care-givers, farmers, child health workers, mothers....it’s too many to name; They do, by far, a disproportionate share of the labor in this world to make sure we are fed, clothed and safe. This is not a debatable issue. Count me as an ally. I know good men are with me. Older folk; are you listening to the youth speak? Hope so. ✔️On set is a handmade guitar by @oldstyleguitarshop shop a found typewriter case I turned into a speaker box, an amp gutted from a broken Thomas organ, my feedback mic mounted ala #lespaul right onto the guitar body and a Variac for sound soaking (technical) rolling stone artwork by my bud @obeygiant 🔻***I have one personal post tomorrow to let you kno the future of***➡️ #isolationjams @vandanashivamovie #soilnotoil #pollyhiggins #paperdollsforpeace"