Money Mark

Isolation Jams #51

“The Isolation Jam”
Instruments: Kawaii MS30 keyboard, vocals
Date recorded: 05/04/2020

"Isolation Jams number 51.....’Songs in the Key Of Life’ is a flat out masterpiece and one I studied front to back. I get to use Stevie Wonder’s piano from that album working at @barefoot_recording studio in Los Angeles. After I cheated on my classical piano recital (memorized instead of sight reading notes) I was put into an ear training program. Lucky for me my first lesson was to learn to play & sing ‘I Wish’....Thanks Ms. Peterson!
Using my dinky Kawaii MS30 (its not the gear folks;it’s in your hands) on a bass guitar setting. May the fourth be with you. Thinking of my pal Adam Yauch & family."

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