Money Mark

Isolation Jams #70.5

"Happy Birthday Dr. Bob Moog!"
Instruments: Moog Matriarch keyboard, Sing A Ma Jig bear
Date recorded: May 24th, 2020

"Isolation Jams are coming. 4now: Yesterday was the birthday of the late Dr Robert Moog. Inventor of electronic synthesizers. In particular the Mini-Moog that became a staple in many genres of music and is heard on 10’s of thousands of known recordings and dozens of hit songs.Originally posted on the Moog IG @moogsynthesizers along with others to celebrate Bob’s incredible legacy. Moog products have stuck w me since I was a teen. So grateful to meet Bob and catch his vibe in person. An eternal inspiration. Here I use the fantastic Moog Matriarch + my Sing-a-ma-jig dollie."

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