What are Isolation Jams?

2020 was difficult, full of trauma, heartbreak, cultural dissolution, slowly at first, and then all at once.  We abruptly lost touch with so many familiar touch points and solitude, it turns out, is a funny motivator. 

How best to cope, to maintain, or even to grow, evolve and thrive during a world-wide collective time-out from a kind of public life we thought we knew?    

If you’re Money Mark, you produce 80 Isolation Jams and you floor everyone who sees them.  

Born of the desire to create and connect during dark days, the Isolation Jams capture both a shared experience and the highly personal act of artistic evolution.

In creating these tracks, Mark identified – maybe created – a zeitgeist.  The collection is nuanced, compelling and harmonizes with his existing body of work.  These short compositions are sometimes joyful, sometimes dissonant, always poignant. 

Making Isolation jams [was] a daily meditation. I call them 'Song Poems' or 'Sound Poems,' an exercise I've kept for years. Only now, I realize, documenting them and posting the audio/video is helping others. Routine is power - like the sun rising and setting.”

Money Mark, with the BreakØuts, is making this collection of Isolation Jams available as NFTs through five unique drops throughout May 2021.