About The Break0uts

The BreakØuts are a group of enthusiasts – designers, editors, programmers, writers, creators – banded together to create a dynamic platform for exhibition and a very real space where artists and collectors can connect, expand and feel protected. 

We are what we believe.  

We believe there is a better way to serve artists and collectors. 

We believe it is time for a gentle mutiny, for a market disruption to allow an arts practice to be materially viable and sustainable, intellectually exciting and financially rewarding.

We believe in equitable partnerships and in the fierce protection of intellectual property. 

We believe we can do some social good by refocusing market attention and by broadening and deepening participation – especially of AAPI, BIPOC and Women creators. 

We believe in setting progressive infrastructure goals to limit our collective ecological footprint.

We believe barriers to access and collection are disintegrating, genre boundaries are irrelevant, rules of representation are obsolete. 

We believe only people and work matter.   

We are the BreakØuts and we believe you are, too. 

For more information - email us at info@thebreak0uts.com