"Isolation jams number 11. Only a few times I’ve seen the piano/harmonica combo. ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel and ?...this is a rendition of a song from ‘Push the Button’ released in 1998 on the #mowax label; ‘Harmonics of Life’. Kind of a NOLA three quarter feeling waltz. Using a #Mellotron, Marine band harmonica and my Yamaha drum machine. LITA @lightintheatticrecords will be re-issuing all my old records so eventually you can find it there. Ok...so how ya holding up? Only three more posts of #isolationjams and I’m taking a short break. Or? Live show? Let’s wait for the ‘all clear’.....Oh, and Thanks to @boingboing for giving love to Isolation Jams.. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay indoors. ❤️ you guys"