Money Mark

Isolation Jams #31

"My loss, Your Gain (acoustic)"
Instruments: Framus acoustic guitar
Date recorded: April 14, 2020
Open Edition
"Isolation Jams number 31.....nylon string version of one older song played on my 50 buck Framus acoustic. I wrote many a tune with this wooden guitar laying in bed or at the breakfast table. This song from my 2007 break-up album “Brand New By Tomorrow” called ‘My loss, Your Gain’...Pretty obscure cut. In isolation I’m learning these nylon versions of my catalogue and maybe I’ll put out a quiet collection. Been a quieter, introspective week so far. Chimes tomorrow: literally. April 14, 2020 #isolationjams #paperdollsforpeace #brandnewbytomorrow"

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