Money Mark

Isolation Jams #70

"The Residents"
Instruments: Framus acoustic guitar
Date recorded: May 23, 2020
Open Edition
"Isolation Jams number 70....just strumming my Famous Framus. I was asked to contribute today to Dr. Robert Moog’s birthday post at @moogsynthesizers so I have two posts today. Bob was a giant inspiration for me and after we met and hung out a bit I felt connected to the idea of experimentation and acting on your curiosities and making the best use of your short time on this planet. Bob also taught patience and that every moment is filled w endless opportunity if you would just be tuned to it. I strummed out this song only a few minutes ago just wondering what post I should make. Be fearless. Be alive. Thanks Bob. The journey continues. #isolationjams #paperdollsforpeace #robertmoog"

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